Tender hearts.

Silent devotion. Memories left in time, shaping our purpose and providing it with a context. Let it unfold. Searching for that which I can’t explain, I hope to find what suits me best, LOVE. The feeling goes on and on.

Going steady, fiction to some, mistaken for a vision by others. Either way it is hard for most people to share their lives intimately, trying to be all they can be, wondering if it’s meant to be. Often we celebrate couples that have cheated time and have proven that it is possible to share your life in the most intimate way you can think of. The key doesn’t seem to be “Happy wife – Happy life”, although there might be some truth in that notion as some of you married men might know. No, I believe that you need to find someone who accepts your personality, character, thought patterns and your way of life UNCONDITIONALLY. Which only appears to be possible if they have a similar energetic flow. A Reunion of two souls that got separated in a past lifetime? Dedication and respect for each other’s existence will bring you closer to your carbon copy. Don’t allow such a beautiful happening to lose its meaning in a dark materialistic society.

Embrace the beautiful struggle that life is. Put in all the positive energy,  you can muster so that it all fits like a puzzle. Snub the only deadly sin, FEAR. The source of the world’s negativity trailed by jealousy, hate, disloyalty, … Love unreservedly and eradicate fear.

Affection by SpaceUtopian ©
Affection by SpaceUtopian ©

Tender hearts by SpaceUtopian ©
Tender hearts by SpaceUtopian ©

“Everyone has the right to be unique.”
– Romas Lileikis, Republic of Uzupio Constitution


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