THE memory vault.

Since I started this blog, to vent my emotions and share many of the thoughts that are rushing through my mind, after careful consideration of course, I figured that I might as well share this moment with the world.
Opening my “memory vault” is an annual highlight for me. It helps me to reminisce about how unusual the past year has been. It learns me to appreciate all the small victories, loving gestures, endearing smiles, hilarious conversations and so many other remarkable moments. It helps me to look for beauty in the strangest places and during peculiar times.
Lessons that I’ve learned during 2013:
  • Many just want to travel the world;
  • Tea is for hippies;
  • An immigrant is just a person who used to be somewhere else;
  • Time is for time wasters;
  • Do you want change? Step out of your comfort zone;
  • When nothing goes right, go left;
  • Beauty is found in strange places;
  • For relaxing times make it “Kindle”-time;
  • Change the world, with one drink and one step at a time;
  • Lose yourself in passion. You’ll lose less than those who lose their passion;
  • I’m a walking, talking GPS;
  • When drunk, keep an eye on your man’s bag! Otherwise it’ll cost you an I-pod;


There’s no rewind button allowing me to go back in time. Yet, reading all these notes tainted with all those amazing memories and your love is cutting it close though. Thank you all for helping me grow. We didn’t meet by accident. We were meant to cross each other’s path on purpose.
Keep roaming and living life passionately, don’t merely exist!

King Kev’s “Memory vault” the prototype! by SpaceUtopian ©


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