Welcome daydreamers, romantics, idealists, star-gazers, escapists, theorizers, and whoever got stranded on this page. Currently, you are on a web page that started out as a platform on which a housebroken houseplant with complex emotions shared its ramblings, thoughts, and perspectives. 

Spaceutopian.com saw the light of day in 2014 without any real sense of direction. Happy days. This (in)sentient being was smiling despite a lack of chlorophyll. Whether anyone would read the letters, words, or sentences that were forged together on this blog didn’t matter. Unfortunately, this lone wolf never produced large quantities of literary perspiration. However, heartfelt gratitude goes out to all those who took their time to read and digest the posts.

Nevertheless, an inexplicable itch kept annoying this warm-hearted introvert. This pet project had to stay afloat. Deep down inside, this loner knew that it wanted to make people smile. Spark their imagination and creativity, or even inspire them to take a long hard look at their own lives. Preferably with words. So to catch the eyes of the sea of people surrounding this wallflower, it came up with #SpaceUtopian slap tags. Contemporary, playful, and wordy sticker art designed for the streets. 

  • Space – noun – the unlimited expanse in which everything is located;
  • Utopian – noun – one who believes in the perfectibility of human society;
  • Utopia – noun – (the idea of) a perfect society in which everyone works well with each other and is happy;
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  • #Resetbutton, #pushtoresettheworld

Rarely this brooder fully comprehends what goes on in its mind. But it kept on dabbling in the societal rat race until it had an epiphany. Enter Cicero’s spark: ‘Non Nobis solumn nati sumus.’ For those who, like this chlorophyll-wannabe, aren’t fluent in Latin, this phrase means: ‘it’s not only for ourselves that we are born.’ A cranial-nuclear meltdown occurred after reading these words. The belief that all beings are interconnected resonated with this fantasizer’s gut feeling. All the souls roaming this planet are stuck on the same spherical spaceship. With which they float aimlessly, during their lifetime, in the immense, dark, and mysterious Universe that surrounds every being. Add the idea that one person can change the world into this mix of notions, and you have a recipe for a powerful exothermic reaction. Boom! Mind blown, enter: ‘enlightenment.’

In a nutshell, every being is traveling through space; it’s also safe to assume that everyone has a desire to be happy. Hence, if one can believe that very few have a problem with a perfect society, you could state that many beings are ‘Space Utopians.’ The gray-matter-melt-down led to a new goal and resulted in the website’s new direction: inducing a similar epiphany among the billions of lost roaming souls out there. Get them in touch with their inner ‘Space Utopian’ by using witty sticker art, social media, and the occasional missives on this website. 

So, kick-starting one’s ingenuity and the imagination of all those colorful personalities around us is what Space Utopian aims for. Encouraging and inspiring people who, in all their loneliness, want to live in a juster, healthier, and less violent society—wishing to leave a better world behind for future generations. But, ample souls with plenty of potential for goodness might still miss a tiny spark that could ignite them and make them shine and radiate for the rest of their lives in service of all humanity. Perhaps the suitable sticker could serve as that spark.

Share the #SpaceUtopian sticker idea if it resonates with your beliefs. Join forces with this hermit, strategically place some stickers, and pass on that spark, which many world citizens desperately need. Let’s create a voluntary, generous, pacifist militia of empathetic, creative, and kind souls. A flourishing squad of ‘Space Utopians‘ that can lead the way to Utopia. Changing the world one sticker at a time!

The road ahead EMPTY,

paved with miles

of the unknown. 

The road ahead INFINITE,

bolstering souls as

they lavishly roam.

Space Utopian

All Space Utopian stickers are our artwork and, consequently, our intellectual property. Even when placed in public spaces, all Space Utopian stickers are copyrighted. We retain all the rights to these interactive stickers that we have created. Hence, no one else is allowed to reproduce, share, or publish the art for commercial use without our explicit consent. The author always needs to be credited when publishing photos of the artwork. – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! 2014 © Space Utopian (aka #spaceutopian).