I live for the nights when spontaneous decisions become awesome adventures. I am the creator and doer of all things chaotic by nature. I am the architect of my own life and I am proud of my fucked up and fun-loving attitude towards life.

I do NOT tick like a Swiss watch. Which comes in handy, since time is nothing but an illusion. I am what I am, hate it or love it, it’s all up to you. Besides all of that I can honestly say that I have a curious and inquisitive nature, although at times I might be more inclined to be an observer instead of being the person who asks numerous questions. Yet I’ll never avoid a good conversation.

All I want is to enjoy the life which has been given to me. Nothing more and nothing less.

That’s me in a nutshell folks, how did a gigantic NUT fit into a shell like this? Find out for yourself, come on, don’t be afraid to explore the meanders of my kaleidoscopic personality, by checking out my blog.

2014019 - P5150241
Big Blue exploration


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  1. I just love the way you describe your love for Antwerp!


  2. Hi survivor.

    My name is Tania my email is taniaafram@hotmail.com
    I am visiting Antwerp for the first time with my 23 years old girl and 20 years old Boy.
    Dont be shocke we have one day and a half to see the city and the port.
    I ask you kindly to accept being our tour guide and preparing a program for us. If you agree its on 24 th dec. from 10 am till 4 pam . And the cost please. I liked your charactor from your beautiful article.if you can not pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase advice who and where and what to do. We love to have a local guide to explain the secrets of the city…not normal tourism things. Best regards.


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