Where can you find Space Utopian Art?

The map below displays the various urban public spaces across the world where my interactive and humorous street art interventions have been spotted:

Part of the data on display here is based on comments and posts from social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.). Most of them mentioned @Space_Utopian or used the hashtag: #spaceutopian. However, I realize that the map requires continuous updates and that my method doesn’t cover all bases. Therefore, feel free to send me a private message on Instagram if you’ve spotted my sticker bombs in a town that isn’t listed below.

An ever-changing list of cities where my stickers have been spotted:

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  2. Antwerpen, Belgium
  3. Athina, Greece
  4. Auderghem, Belgium
  5. Austin, TX, United States of America
  6. Berlin, Germany
  7. Bern, Switzerland
  8. Birsfelden, Switzerland
  9. Bologna, Italy
  10. Bonn, Germany
  11. Borgosatollo, Italy
  12. Bremen, Germany
  13. Broechem, Belgium
  14. Brooklyn, NY, United States of America
  15. Brussels, Belgium
  16. Bubenheim, Germany
  17. Budapest, Hungary
  18. Celle, Germany
  19. Cork, Ireland
  20. Cormondrèche, Switzerland
  21. Domžale, Slovenia
  22. Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  23. Folegandros, Greece
  24. Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
  25. Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
  26. Genève, Switzerland
  27. Gent, Belgium
  28. Gresham, OR, United States of America
  29. Hamburg, Germany
  30. Hampshire, United Kingdom
  31. Izola, Slovenia
  32. Kiel, Germany
  33. Krumovo, Bulgaria
  34. Kyiv, Ukraine
  35. Leeds, United Kingdom
  36. Lier, Belgium
  37. Lille, France
  38. Lisboa, Portugal
  39. Ljubljana, Slovenia
  40. Lutjewinkel, Netherlands
  41. Lviv, Ukraine
  42. London, United Kingdom
  43. Madrid, Spain
  44. Maribor, Slovenia
  45. Milwaukee, WI, United States
  46. Melbourne, Australia
  47. Munich, Germany
  48. Napoli, Italy
  49. Neukölln, Germany
  50. New York, New York, United States of America
  51. Paris, France
  52. Milos, Greece
  53. Portland, OR, United States of America
  54. Porto, Portugal
  55. Prague, Czech Republic
  56. Québec, Canada
  57. Queijas, Portugal
  58. Reykjavík, Iceland
  59. Rome, Italy
  60. Santorini, Greece
  61. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  62. St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
  63. Stavanger, Norway
  64. Szombathely, Hungary
  65. Trieste, Italy
  66. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  67. Uppsala, Sweden
  68. Walsrode, Germany
  69. Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America
  70. Wien, Austria
  71. Würzburg, Germany
  72. Zagreb, Croatia
  73. Zürich, Switzerland

If you feel like supporting the Space Utopian Street Art project, you can always buy me a Fairtrade coffee. When your hometown is missing from this list, and you’d like to add it, you can also look for Space Utopian stickers that resonate with you in the gift shop. Order them today, and start slapping them around your city as soon as the sticker pack lands in your mailbox.

All Space Utopian stickers are my artwork and, consequently, my intellectual property. Even when placed in public spaces, all Space Utopian stickers are copyrighted. I retain all the rights to these interactive stickers that I have created. Hence, no one else is allowed to reproduce, share, or publish the art for commercial use without my explicit consent. The author always needs to be credited when publishing photos of the artwork. – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! 2014 © Space Utopian (aka #spaceutopian).