Is hell other people?

Dear humanity,

History is repeating itself. The demise of our species seems to be inevitable. The fighting among ourselves continues, and the ongoing abuse of Mother Earth has caused irreversible damage. Wealth, religion, race, power, and borders all seem to trigger mankind’s madness and have sent our planet into a death spiral. Egocentrism seems to rule our daily lives. We simply seem incapable of practicing the most essential skills many of us were born with. The ability to listen, feel, and observe.

Many of us are short on ears and long on mouth. One act of kindness, such as really listening to each other, can ripple across centuries. However, being right and proving another being wrong keeps many lost souls from listening to one another. Solely focused on their existence, they quickly forget about the importance of trying to understand what their counterpart has to say. Some of these humanoids never hear a single word of what’s being uttered by the person they suspect is opposed to their irrational beliefs and might address the self-delusions that keep them sane.

Subconsciously many of us want to claim the moral high ground. Being right, no matter how misguided one might be. No matter how many prejudices may have been planted in one’s cranium. These are distressing times that we are living in. Fueled by propaganda and fake news, spreading like wildfire on all social media platforms, numerous racial, sexual, and religious chauvinists have set out for war. Unfortunately, they appear to be incapable of outsmarting their not-so-smart brains.

Verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and environmental destruction are just some of the WMDs they are packing. Firing ammunition on unsuspecting souls has become a natural part of their daily routines. They eagerly fire off their shots under the cloak of freedom of speech, feeling safe in their online digital not-so-anonymous cocoons. Covered by the umbrella of illusory democratic governmental structures. I cannot help but observe how humanity’s shared madness spirals out of control. The stench of our languishing collective compassion and the sound of our violent xenophobic vibrations are unbearable. Some constituents even agree to drop bombs on other human beings, just as long as it doesn’t mess up their perpetual consumerist egotistical state.

That being said, my dear humanity, I can’t help but ask you: does our society breed the leaders that planet Earth deserves? Untrustworthy, self-absorbed, and populistic narcissists are currently ruling some of the world’s most powerful nations. Consequently, most of these jesters influence our lives, whether we want them to or not.
Trump, a toddler with one of the most massive nuclear arsenals in the world at his disposal, wants to use A-bombs to combat hurricanes. Bolsonaro, a teenage punk burdened with the duty of guarding our planet’s lungs, wants the Amazone to burn. Just so that more soy, corn, and millet can be exported. Subsequently facilitating the cheaper import of luxury goods such as Playstations. A similar thing can be said about our young adolescent Putin. As he was playing around with some nuclear missiles, one of them blew up in the face of the scientists lending him a hand. He did not care to share the details with the rest of the world. It is doubtful we will ever know what happened. Despite the danger that radioactive radiation poses to all of us. One would assume that this former KGB youngster would understand the impact of nuclear accidents, after the Chernobyl disaster, on the rest of the world.

Either way, neither of these testosterone-driven vessels gives a damn whether the world is on fire or not. For all they care, 99% of us can just be burnt to a crisp. It would only make their lives easier. The most confronting of this whole train of thought is that all three of these rascals were put in power by regular people. Whether they were honestly elected is up for discussion.

Nevertheless, these human souls, who exercised their democratic rights, don’t seem to realize that neither of these politicians has an interest in safeguarding the life of the masses. The world grows smaller every day. Still, they turn a blind eye to our evident interconnectedness.
Nevertheless, their votes have had a massive impact on all of us, who are scattered on this spherical rock, and had no say in the appointment of these megalomaniac psychopaths. So why do the people who legitimized a dynasty of fools believe they are safe? How is it possible that they fail to see that they are in the same boat as the rest of us? Ruining this planet means the end for all of us. No exceptions. Rich, poor, Muslim, Christian, Black, White, Asian, European, male, female, transgender, straight, gay, bi, … it doesn’t matter. No matter how you identify yourself, we will all be screwed if nothing changes.
With impunity, these so-called leaders empower multinationals and greedy soloists that are actively ruining our planet. Doing so, they are knowingly mortgaging our right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, or even travel freely on this beautiful planet of ours. We are being divided, and I haven’t got the slightest idea of what I can do to counter this evolution.

Please tell me, dear humanity. How do we bring about a radical revolution in our human minds, lives, and reality? Can you help us by shining a light on the diverse governmental farces across this globe and guide us to start a new age? The age of common sense. Every day, people barely hang on to their self-respect; once this slips through their fingers, they will be done for. So please, if you hear my voice, ignite the renegade in us all and help us to reset the world for the better.

Speak to you soon,

Space Utopian

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By SpaceUtopian 

“Do you think that I count the days? There is only one day left, always starting over: it is given to us at dawn and taken away from us at dusk.”

Jean-Paul Sartre

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