Sticker bombing is not a crime.
Sticker art

Space Utopian movement

Space Utopian Art is here to inspire as many souls as possible. Turning our civilization, and the world we inhabit, into a better place, is the ambition. Small playful interventions. Small clever actions. Small conscientious shifts. One improvement at a time. Wishful thinking or reality? Who knows? These interventions might put a smile on people’s faces or make them think about the state of the world, civilization, and life in general. 

Slowly, but surely, Space Utopian is becoming a collective of idealistic, defiant yet empathetic souls. This project is no longer a ‘one-(wo)man’ show. It has transformed into a global group effort. The stickers are for sale nowand you can help as well with strategically placing the slap-tags in your hometown or wherever you may roam. Just know that the Space Utopian movement always respects people’s private property and cultural heritage.

What’s up with this #resetbutton? 

The current shape, size, and material of the design went through quite a long process of trial and error (dating back to 2012). These street art interventions were explicitly created to interact with diverse people all over this globe. The hope that this form of sticker-bombing might awaken the inner child of the souls who come across them is embedded in these stickers. Simultaneously, they feed the shameless optimism that they might even kindle the curious and whimsical nature from whoever notices them. That’s what is up with this interactive sticker-art. 

Distracting people’s autopilot, with a small and subtly placed sticker. Engaging their souls long enough, briefly pulling them out of their comfort zone, is the objective. Thus, creating a tiny glitch in the matrix of their daily lives. With the help of this humble street-art, everyday actions, such as pushing a button or posting a letter, are being transformed into an amusing call for action.

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” 

J.R.R. Tolkien 

If you want to become part of this growing ‘Space Utopian movement,’ you can order your stickers in the store today. Whether you’ll work solo or in a group with other Space Utopians is entirely up to you. Every soul is welcome to help out with broadcasting this brainwave to the world. One sticker at a time. 

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