Why do I love to fool myself?

Dear headstrong and tender heart,

We all live a fragile life. Failure is an inevitable part of it. You don’t need to keep track of all these disappointments, as much as you just need to learn your lesson and move on. It’s not “probable”, it is an unpretentious fact, proven by trial and error. Taking part and letting your passion run free is all that matters.

I do share your fear of becoming trapped in a “colorless, insipid, unscented existence”. I feel the same way. We need to ask for more, and we need to resist our natural drive to seek for safety. When it comes to shaping my life, through my interactions and activities I try to keep in mind that my comfort zone isn’t exactly reassuring. Needless to say, my altruist self gets in the middle of this at times. Thus, I pray that my persona will become a bit more selfish and would listen a number of times to all the songs written solely for me, by those who think I am “love-respect-awe-worthy”. How do I love to fool myself.

Believe that there is more. You just need to find a way around the walls that our civilization has put up all around us. You need to discover your path to break free from the materialistic and egocentric haze that surrounds us all on a daily basis. Despite my age, I am still trying to figure it all out, while I try to balance my life in a chaotic fashion.

Like a flower waiting to bloom in a dark room, I’ll attempt to grasp each ray of light that might shine down upon me. Contemplating about how an intractable nosey carbon beauty will help me to conquer the future. Travelling a distance, as we both cast a stone to the sky hoping for merit, delight and pure life will be bestowed upon us, as we dance all over those nonbelievers. I’m already there, observing how you are besieging the walls of a boxed in heart.

You are a true inspirational and intriguing soul. With a personal energy that is extremely contagious. I swear that I’ll climb the skies for just one glimpse of you, Sophie Verden. I am on your side.

With love,

Space Utopian (Your miscellaneous, flaky yet altruist soul)

Sweet sensation, by SpaceUtopian ©
Sweet sensation, by SpaceUtopian ©