Are we free?

Dear old and roaming soul,


I am puzzled; thus, I do what I usually do and will write down my irrational thoughts. Tonight, as I lay my weary head on my comfortable pillow, and before I close my eyes, I want to send out some of my thoughts into cyberspace. This letter I am typing out will be my vessel.

When I look around, the surface of our civilization shows copious ‘normal’ lives, some of which even appear to be fairy tales, where people live happily ever after. Afterward, when I scratch the surface, something daunting occurs! I see that every Tom, Dick, and Harry’s rushing and running maniacally. Like if they’re trying to make it to a meaningful meeting, oblivious to the finer things the real life has to offer.

Caught up in the illusion, they audaciously state that they are living their life to the fullest. Though, when you look closer, you see that although their eyes are wide open, they are blind and are mere slaves to money. Most of them have given in to the numerous temptations that occupy our lives. Feeling pressured by our society. My observation may be off, but it makes me itch, and it makes me want to run away from the whole lot that is deemed ‘common’ and gives the impression of being characterless.

I have once read: “compromise is a euphemism for the eventual death of our freedom,” and to be honest, I tend to concur with this perception. Living, in peace, is anything but the ordinary way of life which has been adopted by the masses. Is it wrong to think about my future in terms of places I want to travel, books I want to read, and all the beautiful people I am undoubtedly going to meet? These words may seem irrational to all those rational minds out there, but to paraphrase John Lennon here, I’m a dreamer, and I’m damn sure I’m not the only one. So I will just keep on playing these mind games with myself until I unravel my personal cosmic equation on this tiny globe.

Even though I have typed it all out, I know that I will be awake tonight, staring into the dark abyss going over all of this for the umpteenth time. I am feeling comfortable, knowing that I will sail towards an unknown destination. The decision to climb down from my ivory tower sparked my most peculiar journeys. Frankly, because I am starting to SEE what is out there, I can honestly say that I don’t want to go back to becoming the blind man who was told to color in between the lines. The need to watch it all safely from above has faded away.

I can honestly say that I don’t want to go back to becoming the blind man who was told to color in between the lines.

So my dear soul, what do you think of precious me when I say that I don’t want to be like them? Do I waste oxygen as my shadows anxiously scout the four walls that surround me while all these ideas are flashing through my mind? Do these words brand me as a hypocrite, a quitter, a pathetic, and straightforward drop out that couldn’t cope? 

It doesn’t feel as if I’m losing control while I am trying to break free from this way of life. The need for such a dull and programmed existence is absent and does not pull the strings of this “XY” carbon variant. I don’t crave the so-called healthy regime, yet society tries to force me into these shackles, even though I only want to live for today. You see, I’m at a loss here. You may despise this jester, but living by their rules, I’ll be given no time instead of it all.


With heartfelt love,


Space Utopian (Your dexterous fool)

Freedom?  by SpaceUtopian ©
Freedom?  By SpaceUtopian ©