Is enlightenment around the corner?

Here, I am exploring the gloomy side of my wicked mind. Neurons are flashing rapidly; electrons are rushing, illuminating the dark cave, which is my cranium. Seeking the truth, and wondering why I am here. Never-ending activities that have pre-occupied this dexterous fool for years.

I see a dark world, a grim creation where ego destroys eco. A world where unbridled consumption goes hand in hand with superficial happiness. A civilization, which is on the brink of extinction, that craves a touch of love, a pinch of mercy and a whiff of common sense. Prime catalysts that are vital to jump start inner peace, entice a roaming soul and energize a headstrong and tender heart. Precious commodities that appear absent in our everyday life. A recollection in the creative mind of many archeologists. While women in Kenia are selling their bodies in exchange for some fish, gays are being bashed in Russia, innocent people are being slaughtered in Syria and numerous immigrants are being cursed all over the world, even though an immigrant is just a person who simply used to be somewhere else.

I don’t have any supernatural skills, life-changing knowledge or philanthropic wisdom to repair what has been broken. I am a chump with a limp, but my eyes are open. I SEE a world that humanity did not have in mind for future generations. My naive kaleidoscopic brain has been prone to propaganda, subdued to indoctrination and enslaved by consumerism. Exactly like a significant majority of this planetoid’s inhabitants. Thus, I am weak! I have never truly acted upon my thoughts; I have never achieved any of my ideas, and I am lazy as fuck. I have never taken any time of day to figure out what intrigues me.

So I spend my days wishing for a lucky break. Hoping that one day, I will be blessed with a stronger backbone. A bit of courage to do what’s right. Simply so that I don’t have to stroll through life like a lamb, that works its way towards the slaughterhouse. I aspire that one day I’ll have the strength, the intelligence, and energy to leave my comfort zone and that I will be able to take a stand. Capable of finding the long-awaited answers to all of my questions. Capable of starting to change the world bit by bit. These thoughts exhaust my feeble mind while I scratch my majestic balls. Like I have mentioned before, I am lazy as fuck!

Until that grandiose moment in time will present itself I conclude that I might just bitch about anything that has been bugging me over the past 3 decades. I need to get it off my chest, and now is as good a chance as any. So here it goes, my beloved 100 things that I loathe:

What do I hate about the world we live in?

  1. I hate my earthly possessions.
  2. I hate when the last piece of toilet paper isn’t sufficient to wipe my ass.
  3. I hate the expression ‘making a living’.
  4. I hate how my bank statements state that I have not made ‘a living’.
  5. I hate my bank.
  6. I hate the bank’s slithering employees.
  7. I hate criminals in three-piece suits.
  8. I hate the fact that criminals in three-piece suits and ordinary criminals never get jerked off by Edward Scissorhands.
  9. I hate CEO’s who are solely focused on cranking up their statistics.
  10. I hate statistics.
  11. I hate how 98% of all the statistics out there are a fraction of somebody’s imagination.
  12. I hate pay-checks.
  13. I hate credit cards.
  14. I hate fast-food.
  15. I hate dairy products.
  16. I hate the acid reflux that’s been bugging me from the day I was born.
  17. I hate the fact that I’m too lazy to ride a bike and get into my car every day to instigate my slave routine.
  18. I hate spineless politicians.
  19. I hate how our society interprets ‘democracy’.
  20. I hate people that have experienced everything that there is to experience into a degree that will always surpass your meandering experience.
  21. I hate people who buy shit that they do not need.
  22. I hate brain-dead consumerism.
  23. I hate bottled water.
  24. I hate people that spend more time checking Facebook, Twitter, status updates and text messages during dinner or while you’re out for a drink among comrades.
  25. I hate that I have the urge to masturbate three times a day like a bloody chimp in a zoo.
  26. I hate the sappy Hollywood productions that have numbed my soul.
  27. I hate prequels and sequels.
  28. I hate how the book is often better than the movie.
  29. I hate how only a minority of the world reads books.
  30. I hate how forests grow smaller.
  31. I hate how cities grow bigger.
  32. I hate the poor treatment of cattle and poultry in order to feed the living dead.
  33. I hate every “tallest” building in the world.
  34. I hate Gucci.
  35. I hate Hugo Boss.
  36. I hate Emporio Armani.
  37. I hate EGO.
  38. I hate professional sports.
  39. I hate how people care more for their “favorite team” than they do about what’s actually going on in the world.
  40. I hate how firemen and teachers earn less than professional soccer players.
  41. I hate that I can’t solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum.
  42. I hate how everything that’s too good to be true, usually is.
  43. I hate racism.
  44. I hate patriotism.
  45. I hate sexism.
  46. I hate fascism.
  47. I hate a lot of words that end on the three letters “ism”. Usually, they stimulate separation and segregation.
  48. I hate thieves that don’t give back to the poor.
  49. I hate human traffickers.
  50. I hate rapists.
  51. I hate pedophiles.
  52. I hate animal cruelty.
  53. I hate war.
  54. I hate violence.
  55. I hate wealth and prosperity gained by depleting the globes resources. Basically, I hate mass consumerism.
  56. I hate how I’m trained to cling onto things that give no guarantee.
  57. I hate the plastic waste that pollutes our Oceans.
  58. I hate the radiation that contaminates our Oceans.
  59. I hate that Fukushima isn’t discussed adequately in the mainstream media.
  60. I hate media.
  61. I hate how the media poisons our collective consciousness.
  62. I hate how the media makes stupid people famous.
  63. I hate man made stereotypes.
  64. I hate beauty magazines.
  65. I hate being so tired that I can’t fall asleep.
  66. I hate that my bed is an enchanted place where I unexpectedly remember everything that I had to do.
  67. I hate how 1% of the world’s population is in control.
  68. I hate greed.
  69. I hate how brutes use our soldiers as cattle and recruit them to fight for slavery.
  70. I hate slavery.
  71. I hate that sarcasm isn’t an official language.
  72. I hate our lack of universal brotherhood on this small rock in infinite space.
  73. I hate how men and women who fight for a better world are likely to be assassinated.
  74. I hate how liberty has perished in less than 70 years.
  75. I hate how people can kill each other.
  76. I hate people that lie.
  77. I hate high school reunions. If I haven’t contacted you for over 20 years, I probably have a decent motive.
  78. I hate that people die of hunger and thirst every day.
  79. I hate cancer & HIV.
  80. I hate how most people don’t listen to one, and another, but are only waiting for their chance to speak.
  81. I hate that Darwin didn’t take wealth into account when he wrote the origin of species.
  82. I hate arguing with stupid people. They drag me to their level and beat me with years of experience.
  83. I hate that there are so many experts who appear to know so little.
  84. I hate that there are so many experts and none of them, appear to be able to talk some sense into our politicians and assist them in tackling major problems by implementing long-term solutions.
  85. I hate lobbyists.
  86. I hate clowns.
  87. I hate snakes; they scare the shit out of me.
  88. I hate people that scam their fellow 99%’ers.
  89. I hate religion.
  90. I hate that Disney fed me all these illusions about my future princess. It turns out she isn’t allergic to apples at all!
  91. I hate the fact that the pope doesn’t shit in the woods.
  92. I hate red cabbage.
  93. I hate cider.
  94. I hate reality TV shows.
  95. I hate the daily overdose of cats on social media.
  96. I hate the never-ending war between dogs and cats.
  97. I hate narrow minded people.
  98. I hate that politeness became so rare that some people mistake it for flirtation.
  99. I hate society.
  100. I hate myself, for not giving a fuck for too damn long.

All the complaining aside, I must say that I do love and believe in humanity. For its survival, I would love to rearrange the world. It’s time for me to start improving myself as resources are vanishing while we’re being tricked into our routines by a biased and obscure society. I’m done feeding on lies and living my life in my shell.

In this world, there are opportunities for everyone and this realm could cater to everyone. Covetousness, also known as greed, has corrupted our souls and has directed us on a path of cynical bloodshed. We need humanity, let’s reset the world and help one and another.

“Press to reset the world” by SpaceUtopian ©

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