Can you be merciful?

Dear angel of mercy,

A minor personal tragedy is at hand, and I need you more than ever to pick me up. I hope you’re listening as I speak these words aloud and simultaneously type them. I have never laid my eyes on you, but I believe you hold the key to paradise on earth. I’m tired of just getting by and not being able to help those who need it the most. Making ends meet is just another way of saying I’m chained to these 4 concrete walls around me.

As I channel my energy to take one step forward, I somehow am forced to take two steps back. I never seem to get ahead. There’s no doubt about what I need to do. As the sky falls, I realize that I need to give back all the little things given to me to be truly free. So I beg you. Help me get back on my feet so I can help myself and those tossed aside by our wealthy, greedy, ruthless, and materialistic society.

The place I have called home for over 30 years feels cold and distant. It became so surreal and brutal. The hate never seems to subside since it’s continuously fed by envy and egocentrism. Days drift by as an insipid collection of hours. Nights appear longer, lonelier, and frostier. I hardly sleep. All of that needs to be turned around. I may be dreaming aloud, yet I beseech thee to come home and lend me a hand, together with those who know how unbalanced this life is. No matter how aloof this bit of prose may seem to you, I feel the urge to give it a try before we’ve crossed the point of no return.

I can’t just stand on a sideline criticizing everything and not do anything. I want to act before I have to say adieu to this realm. But, alas, I feel weak and don’t have much strength left in me. The social order’s last blow to my mind has brought me to my knees and brushed off my last whiff of endurance with one swipe. I need your help. I would be a lucky soul if you held my hand and helped me up. I can’t promise you much, but I assure you I’ll spend the energy which has been invested in me wisely. I will find my way back into this world and go out on a limb to ensure it won’t go to waste.

Please don’t ignore the sound of this desperate carbon replica whose natural way of life started crumbling into tiny bits and pieces. Hopefully, my humble plea reaches you sooner rather than later. This world is at the end of its tether. It needs a full bouquet of equality and peace. I’ve been waiting for you since I was born but have never been able to express these deepest thoughts up until today. The moment when I was ruthlessly forced to the floor, I crawled toward one of the four concrete walls of my cell. Just like a wounded animal, searching for the illusion of shelter to lick its wounds in peace. Unfortunately, this misapprehension does not grant me any satisfaction; I want to make things right, but I am sitting with my back against this moist and cold wall. Lacking the power to stand up.

I had never envisioned these circumstances. The one barrier my imagination had never dreamed of and never thought of describing in my naive mind feels so real as I am looking in from the outside. I do not just wish for rain as I sit here, like a broken man, in this gray and egocentric desert. A peaceful life is my heaven. My paradise on earth consists of a place where I could roam endlessly and, most of all, freely until my feet go numb. To get there, I must stand on my own two feet. Sturdily amid this wicked civilization. Hence, I need a change in the weather and your strength to pick me up. My big heart and endurance should get me further than before. The sequence of life’s punches over the past few years was intolerable, but I still have some of that fighting spirit left in me. All I need is your support.

Please confirm the exemplary image I have of you and creep to me in the years to come. In you, I trust. Your guardianship is crucial to me, seeing that I have misplaced my trust in old acquaintances in the past. Therefore, I will work around the clock for you, prove my selfless nature incessantly, and sacrifice myself. No questions asked.

Heartfelt concerns,

Space Utopian (A lonely and worn-out soul)

Prague  (CZ) Charles bridge by SpaceUtopian ©
Prague  (CZ) Charles bridge by SpaceUtopian ©