Is civil obedience the problem?

Sweetest common sense,

While my beating heart guides me on a narrow path, covered by an impenetrable fog through the darkest of times, I notice that this world is not quite what my heart expected. With the winter approaching, the murky skies shape the prospect of my momentary existence, which appears to be nothing more than a single short breath that I draw from the hands of time.

With you around, my love, I have always had a loyal companion in multiple hours of need. Never have I doubted your pure essence or your meticulous sense of right or wrong, but I have to ask, why did you abandon so many others? Surely you have your reasons, even though the masses would benefit significantly from your presence. I have always believed that at some point, you being around would start an avalanche of compassion, wiping out the inequality in our crazy world. The accumulation of your company in countless lives could add up to a sphere that’s less wicked and more forgiving.

Don’t get me wrong. I praise your existence and never doubt your judgment. I will always proudly state that with you by my side, I will get further than those who have renounced you. Although, some of those lost sheep out there, inspired by the slightest touch of your silky and elegant hands, could unequivocally influence many others. They could help condemn the daily suffering we cause to one another. Therefore, every word cluttering this letter is heartfelt and carefully chosen with all the goodness in my heart and soul.

Never would I dream of claiming you as my own since I want you to roam freely, with no strings attached. This planet needs you to manipulate the sands of time so that you will be able to embrace those that have left you for dead. The refuge they found comes at a steep price, turning lost souls into thieves. Unknowingly they strengthen your nemesis’s greed, envy, and folly. So I ask you, do not condemn those too young to understand or those who are led by the blind. They haven’t the slightest idea of the vital role you play in a life well-lived. Be patient and forgiving. Many of them will get older and wiser and start seeing the world as it ought to be seen. Secretly I aspire that the majority of our global population will be touched by your graceful, sophisticated yet modest being. Especially since your antagonists have been taking over the world by storm.

For now, I pray that you will not give me the cold shoulder after this letter. As time passes, I expect you will allow many others to welcome you into their lives too. Together we will carry the weight of the world. Jointly we will relieve you from that burden, which you have been sustaining by yourself for far too long. So, while my fingers anxiously rush over this keyboard, I calmly ask that you take good care of yourself. Be safe, my beloved heartbreaker.

Heart-gripping hugs while being caught up in your dreams,

Space Utopian

Civil obedience is the problem not civil disobedience, Prague (CZ) by SpaceUtopian ©
Civil obedience is the problem, not civil disobedience, Prague (CZ) by SpaceUtopian ©